Why Join the I.S.O.B. ?

The former Federation of Master Organ Builders was an employers organisation, with the original intention of promoting, achieving and sustaining the highest standards in the building and care of pipe organs, an aspiration that is to be congratulated. The Incorporated Society of Organ Builders is a worldwide body for both employees and employers in Organ Building Companies, with properly examined qualification levels whose members can use letters of qualification after their names.

Why join the I.S.O.B.? what would you get out of it? we would say “why not”

Regular meetings are held throughout the United Kingdom where you have the opportunity of meeting like minded people, seeing the latest ideas in organ building, where you can hone your skills or pass your knowledge onto others, everybody has something to learn or something to give.

The Objects of the Society are to advance the science and practice of Organ Building, by discussion, inquiry, research, experiment and other means and to diffuse knowledge regarding Organ Building by means of lectures, publications and the exchange of information.

To provide a central organisation for Organ Builders, and generally elevate the status and procure the advancement of the interests of the profession.

If you are interested in finding our more please write to our secretary, Mr Andrew Hayden either at secretary@isob.co.uk or 79 The Common, Freethorpe, Norwich NR13 3LX